Rose Solak, Department Child Welfare Chairman and, District 1 Community Service Chairman
Sylvia Apple presented the auxiliaries donation for Penrickton to Kurt Sebaly, Executive Director for $6.079.00
and a poster with gift cards for $ 1,432.00.

Grand Rapids Veteran’s Home – Clarice Poisson, GRVH Representative, has been attending monthly (sometimes weekly) meetings on updates at the Home. They will be able to complete the red building for occupancy sometime late May or early June.

Spring S.E.C. Meeting, February, 2020

Department Veteran’s Recognition Dinner

National Convention, 2019

Aleda Lutz President’s Tour, October, 2019

Penrickton Tour, October, 2019

PAWS Tour, September, 2019

Fall Conference Classes, September, 2019

Fall S.E.C. Meeting, September, 2019

Linda Marshall, Aleda Lutz VA Medical Center Representative was presented with a certificate for Volunteer of the Month, September, 2019

Grand Rapids Veteran’s Home Carnival, 2019

Installation of Officers